hand made tents


With the whole new concept of green revolution most of our clients demand handmade tents which refer to the eco-friendliness of the product. Of course the fabric used in the manufacturing of these handmade tents is waterproof and fire resistant, yet at the same time it is very environment friendly. This means that the raw materials used are toned down from green substances so to use minimal artificial as well as harmful products.
Our handmade tents is an ideal choice as picnic tents, resort and party tents, garden tents and can be made to put into good use for hosting camping activities, wedding and other events. All these tents are made manually using the traditional method and natural coloured canvases. The interiors of these tents are made using 100% cotton containing good choice of vegetable dye prints and motifs. Also, each tent made to stand apart from the rest others comes fully equipped with all accessories and necessities.