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History of Tents
Throughout recorded history tents have provided temporary and transportable accomodation for use mainly during war (be it on the march or during a siege). Other uses for tent accomodation included; nomadic life, hunting expeditions, feasts, events and meetings. Tentage provided protection from the elements for the inhabitants and their accoutrements, however without it many combatants died from exposure while on campaign (Rowland p. 19, Flanders 1657-8 A.D.).

This document has been put together to aid in the study of tents from the 1st century to the 18th century using manuscripts, extant items depicting tents or actual remains of tents. Not a lot of extant material remains however many artists depicted tents in a variety of art works; frescoes, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, sculptures, tapestries and woodcuts. In most cases I have restricted the data to descriptions of the tents which do no justice to the great works of art some of these pictures represent (eg. Chroniques de Froissart 15th century, Siege of Constantinople 1455 A.D., Battle of Pavia 1525 A.D. and Siege of Boulogne 1544 A.D.). I have included some pictures of replica period tents to give the viewer some idea of what the tents looked like. I have also provided links to other sites which have pictures and information regarding the period examples.

Problems have arisen where far too many authors provide little or no information as to the provenance of the manuscript in question. It has also been noted that on a number of occasions that different authors provide conflicting information on dating, provenance and even the description of the same manuscript illumination.